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May 6, 2021

Danny Brooks is a storyteller and a brand systems designer. He's worked for some iconic brands such as IDEO, Nestle, Suntory, and Starbucks. 

During his professional adventure, Danny worked as a chef in Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain and California, a record producer, photographer, illustrator, entrepreneur, and writer. He even made a kids variety show about food—yes...with puppets and everything. In short, Danny is a modern-day polymath and finds great joy in the ambiguity and discomfort of learning new things.

In this conversation, Danny shares key insights on:

  • Codifying a founder’s vision and the importance of creating a system to empower others that is inclusive, equitable, and fun
  • Approaching transformation as an archaeologist, peeling back layers of culture, while respecting the legacy of a company, before embarking upon change
  • Making sure that change, to be successful, is believable, relevant, and meaningful